Controller Support?

I made an account just because I need to know. Will there be controller support? I really want to play this on my Nivida Shield. :nerd_face:

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@Nanfoodle, no information was given about gamepad/controller support yet. I would like to play via controller too, but as much as I know in CH there’s no such option. So prospects are slim, at least at the start.

I would assume that Controller Support isn’t something they are looking at for launch, however perhaps later down the road after release.

Controller support would be nice, but may be a bit complicated depending on how the interface is.

Thanks for the reply, hope the Devs see there is a want for this. It would open there game to a whole market of Nvidia Shield users not by changing the game. Just by adding controller support.

Would definitely be an interesting addition. I wonder what the devs would think of this.

It’d be neat to have it implemented from the start rather than retrofitting controls later on, but Idk if they would want to have the limitations that come with that.
I think you can bind controls to a controller through an emulator, but :man_shrugging:

This is what I’m hoping for. I would much rather play with a controller on my nvidia shield then on a phone or tablet. Android TV should be a priority IMO.

Any word on this yet?

@Nanfoodle, no any given.

Still wanting this, and still no word? Anyone know of a controller to touchscreen app, that can bind a physical key to pressing a specific place on screen? My old GPD can, maybe I should take it out and have a go?

I made it work with Octopus, works like a charm! :smiley:
(I had to buy to get google login, but if you’re using facebook or apple I guess you can use the free version)

Waiting. It is must have option for long play.

No controller please.
the game has pvp elements that will be expanded in the future.
everyone who uses a controller in the game has advantages in pvp because you can play faster with it.
Since there is certainly no separation of the players, whether with or without a controller in the pvp, a controller should not be supported either.
Whether I play a game for a long time does not depend on whether a controller is supported.
the content of the game determines whether someone plays or not.

I’m going to be as blunt as I possibly can. I couldn’t care any less about the PvP state of any game. Ever. Not having something “because it could ruin PvP” is the stupidest reason to not include something, when there’s actually disabled people who need controller support to even play games.

Not having controller support is ableist, period.

Anyone can buy a controller for android. They even sell pocket size ones that compact to fit in your pocket. This is an MMO and holding a phone for long play sessions is not fun.