Controller Support?

I made an account just because I need to know. Will there be controller support? I really want to play this on my Nivida Shield. :nerd_face:

@Nanfoodle, no information was given about gamepad/controller support yet. I would like to play via controller too, but as much as I know in CH there’s no such option. So prospects are slim, at least at the start.

I would assume that Controller Support isn’t something they are looking at for launch, however perhaps later down the road after release.

Controller support would be nice, but may be a bit complicated depending on how the interface is.

Thanks for the reply, hope the Devs see there is a want for this. It would open there game to a whole market of Nvidia Shield users not by changing the game. Just by adding controller support.

Would definitely be an interesting addition. I wonder what the devs would think of this.