[CLOSED] Today's maintenance broke Blessing of Fortitude!

After today’s maintenance WP skill Blessing of Fortitude is broken! Health buff doesn’t add health properly!

This skill becomes useless, because u need to spend mana for casting and than spend another time to heal yourself! That’s pretty terrible!

Please restore the skill as it worked before and as it should work!

Infusing Bolt skill has the same problem

Healing hand is also broke. There is a new delay between when spell is cast and healing affect is applied. In addition, it does not always cast when you click the skill icon. You get both the audio and visual effect, but nothing else.

Blessing of Fortitude increases max health, but it’s not suppose to heal you. It’s now working correctly.

Healing Hand has been restored to what it was previously.

Sadly, very sadly that the gained amount of health should be healed spending time and mana for that, while being attacking. It was one of the main WP skills even when you nerfed it in the previous update.
This skill didn’t heal you, it just gave you the amount of health regarding skill level which is supposed to be, like the armor skill gives armor. Healing with 6 level spell gives you even more health, but this skill is a buff (half of a baff right now)
Now it became more useful. And WP with it’s small skill damage with 2H Weapon compared with 1H +1H (see related topic) became more unplaylable nerfed skass.

Closing this topic, but still hoping you will make game mechanics more balanced and redesign these buffs (make this and armor buff at max level 3 minutes duration with 3 minutes cd (or 5 like potions with 5 minutes cd) with restoring health for gained amount like it was before) or change Blessing of Fortitude to another more useful buff.