⚠️Closed Beta News!⚠️

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Lol no, dont take it seriously

Devs confirmed, the closed beta has started, first players have already been selected.

They could atleast given the community some kinda statement like ok guys beta had started bla bla bla

Difinitus said on Discord that VR didn’t want to make a big announcement of it, otherwise the players who were not selected might feel left out. I can understand that reasoning, but because of all the hype and discussion for it this month, I don’t think it’d have been as big of an issue as they might have thought.

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

I tend to agree that as far as excuses go it was generally poor, albeit understandable. VR is in the headspace where any news that they give should be good news. Their concern was that for the majority of players this would be bad news for them and produce disinterest for the game if they we’re going to be so selective.

Moving forward, I’m sure that they will take this experience into account. They’re a generally new company as far as game design goes. This is their first major project produced by them. With indie brands you should expect the flow not to be exactly like other brands.

Where people got it in their heads that game development, production, deadlines, communications, etc. was all common knowledge is beyond me. There’s no rulebook or guideline for this. VR is a team with their own protocols working with GW’s select guidelines and expectations.

Trust me, whatever moves they choose there are still negative feedbacks. I experienced beta without even notice, first come first serve beta, beta who have time to time updates and all this betas have negative feedbacks.
Target community and test goals have big impact on every decision.Its not as simple as we think, like “hey come play and find bugs”.

The things we can do right now is try to neutralize everything.:blush:


I want to join the beta! Please please!!! @Difinitus

@Molls beta is full for the moment

As a beta tester I can confirm that all testers for the Closed Beta test have been selected. But the developers did mention that further testers MAY be selected at some point.

We are under a Non Disclosure Agreement so I can’t share any information about the game or testing at this point. All I can say is that it is an exciting time for mobile gaming.


Hello, i’m follow the game since it was annouced but no acces to the beta, can someone prey for me ?

I’ll pray for ya :smile:

Of course fellow elf I can prey on the prey for you! No worries!

Title says: Closed Beta ‘News’. Please give us some news about the closed beta :smile:
Keep us in the loop! Everyone is so excited :laughing:

Unfortunately, it seems like anyone who is in the closed beta cannot share any information or news whatsoever, due to signing an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). Anyone who did share any info would get in trouble.

We all want news, but we will most likely need to wait until either after the closed beta, or else whenever VR decides to share some more gameplay previews.

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Yes not talking about the people in closed beta but I’m desperately waiting for VR :grin:

News is closed beta scheduled and invite sent out as developer stated, which means that the game is on tract and planned.


Achilles, I like your style bro… Got my mind wandering with that exciting line… Ide love to see this game have a huge impact on the future of mobile gaming! Wish I would have been here to help contribute and got a spot, but congrats all that did get in! Shatter the current mobile business model for all of us old-school MMORPG gamers!


Actually, I really don`t mind not getting new info every few days on the development of the game, I know that they are working on it, so it is just a matter of patience.

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