Closed beta invites

Hi all,

I was just wondering if anyone has recieved an email with a closed beta invite yet or that I still have to check my mail every hour :smiley: excited!!


I’m also interested … And it’s scary that I will not get :frowning:

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Just to let you know: I have NOT received any di invite :slight_smile:

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Cant wait to write or read about it… :grin:

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Hi rodney1415, I haven’t received an invite (yet) either, but just the thought of having the opportunity would be a dream come true!! The excitement is real lol

Maybe the invites were not send yet. Mhm…

Those that have received an invitation would not be allowed to talk about it, they did mention that invitations would have been sent last week for the first closed beta.

The original announcement said that actual closed beta invitations would be going out at the end of the month, which is still 1-2 weeks away.

Difinitus said VR would be reaching out to potential testers (my guess is through DMs on the forums or on Discord depending on where you are more active) so any potential testers would probably be informed through either of those channels, rather than emails, because VR can’t connect email addresses from the pre-registration form to Discord users (forum users may be possible, but possibly untrustworthy, because someone might have pre-registered with one email, but used another to sign up for a forum account).

Regardless, it is moving along! It’s exciting to see the closed beta (and by extension, the open beta and full release) get closer!


What format is the content of the mail?