BURNING SOULS- International Regiment

Join our discord server here: https://discord.gg/HF9Y9ZR5qY

BURNING SOULS - Australian\US\English Speaking Regiment is recruiting! Seeking willing Officers and members looking to be active during NA and Oceanic timezones. 16+ minimum age to join, we plan to grow with you when this game opens up!


  • Must 16 years or older
  • All Timezone Welcome Oceanic Timezone preferred
  • We welcome all English speakers
  • There is no minimum level of activity to join the regiment, but we encourage everyone to be active daily

Once servers are released we will advise which server to select, stay in touch with us on our discord for future announcements closer to release within the next 4 weeks

Most of all we are here to have fun playing the game together :sunglasses::+1::blush: And kickass at the same time of course :boxing_glove:Join us :beers: :grin:

UPDATE: Only 2 weeks in and we are 60 members strong, join our discord if you would like to join us as we move closer to launch, or if you’d just like to talk strategy. :sunglasses: