Bright Wizards?


To me, Warhammer Fantasy = the Bright Wizard. I’ve had more fun with the Bright Wizard in Age of Reckoning than any other class, in any MMO (EQ1, WOW, EQ2, Rift and many others).

What are the chances of seeing this class?

I think it’s a good question, but I’ve never seen any information about that.

In a first time, devs will try to fix the game correctly, add quests (maybe), news features etc…

In a second time, they could be create a new classes.

Bright Wizards are a very likely class for the future I would Imagine. Probably all the Age of Reckoning Order classes.

I personally am very hopeful for a Bretonnian Class, such as Bretonnian Knight, Damsel, or even Grail Knight. Bretonnia gets very little love in Warhammer Fantasy but as my favorite faction I am hoping this game eventually throws Bretonnia a bone.