Bretonnia Knight Class?

Is there a chance for a Bretonnia Knight class? Would anyone else be interested in it or am I alone in that?

I think a Bretonnia Knight and or possibly a Bretonnia Damsel caster could be really cool additions.

Bretonnia is always left out of the Warhammer Fantasy games and id really like to see them get some love. I know there has to be some people out there that want to see it as much as I do!

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Honestly doubt it will come.

I feel like if other races or classes would be added it would be in an instanced PvP mode where you can play as Orcs, Dark Elves, Chaos and so on. I support anything getting added to the game to make it more diverse though so this would be welcome.

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I doubt it too, Bretonnia is hardly ever portrayed. Just seeing if anyone else would be up for it even if it wasn’t there particular chosen class.

Bretonnia is still a “good guy” faction so they could be easily added without effecting that dynamic. The “bad guy” factions though I believe you’re right would be added in a separate fashion if it all for how it appears so far.

I know who they are lol. If they add more friendly races they are just starting behind the already established ones.