Being a different Mobile MMO

To start, this is my opinion formulated from playing nearly all of the available mobile mmos on the play store.

  1. Please Do not put daily limits on experience.
  2. Please Do not restrict quests per day.
  3. Please Do not allow stat enhancing items or gear to be bought on a store.

Something to add is the ability outside of any dungeon or event is the ability to farm items or gear from the enemies or mobs in the open world. Almost no mobile mmo does this.

  1. Please consider player housing.

  2. I would rather not have a player CP or power rating of any kind, maybe a gear score but I’d rather the players stats speak for themselves.

  3. This is a big one in which I think you have spoken on, gender choice is what the player base wants. 1 out of 10000 mobile games have this.

  4. If there are dungeons can you make a huge variety of them. Most games have 5-10 dungeons and they stop there. Even if some yield the same rewards we still have more to do and see.

  5. The same with gear, if cosmetics are a thing why stop, continuously update the game with new outfits. What we don’t want is 2 outfits that makes the entire server look the same.

Last but not least, if you really want to be different you will do community polls and make changes based on the user experience.

Thanks and can’t wait to play !


Based on the gameplay shown so far in the Soft Launch, here are a few answers to your questions:

  1. There will not be any limits on Experience. The only limit is how long you want to spend killing mobs and doing quests.

  2. There will be some quests that can only be completed once per day (daily quests), but those are specific quests. For the normal questline, you can do as many as you want in a single day.

  3. The premium in-app purchases store has not been implemented yet, but the developers have said that it will be quality of life items only.

  4. Player housing will not be implemented (at least at game launch). Down the road in a few years, who knows - it might happen.

  5. Players have different levels, but so far there has not been any evidence of a player rating scale.

  6. Gender choice exists - you can pick either male or female of each class

  7. Dungeons most likely won’t exist at the game’s initial launch, but hopefully will come in an upcoming update. They may be at a smaller scale to begin with, but a large variety would be great!

  8. The gear so far doesn’t seem to be super different from piece to piece, but we have only seen the first 15 levels of content - higher level gear may look different.

There may or may not be community polls, but the developers do definitely pay attention to community feedback - though they may not respond to every comment they see.