Beastmen. Malformed monstrosities that stalk the woods

The Beastmen are a plague on the world. Infesting every forest in the old world, their savage raids leave towns ravaged and populations slaughtered. The Empire and Bretonnia regularly engages in culling operations to keep beastman populations down; but despite this warherds can and do arise to threaten the larger cities and fortifications in the old world.


Beastmen are not a natural occurrence in the warhammer world. They are instead the result of rampant mutations. Believed to be birthed when the polar warp gates collapsed and flooded the world with chaotic energies mutating those unfortunate enough to be caught by their vile influence. Since that time the beasts have roamed the land as a blight on civilisation itself, purging anything they deem to be against nature or chaos.

Chaos Undivided

While the Beastmen worship chaos it would be incorrect to say that they worship any particular chaos gods. Instead they worship the primal force of chaos. They do not see themselves as followers of chaos, but instead they are the product of chaos themselves. The beastman knows no industry, no trade, no mercy. Their weapons are scavenged from the bodies of those they kill, they are offended by the constructions of any they come across. The most industrious the beastmen will be is the construction of simple ladders to scale village walls and erecting a large rock (called a herdstone in their vile minds) as a shrine to the dark gods.

Types of Beastmen

  • Caprigors
    The most common beastmen, they are the warriors of the beastmen tribes. Easily recognizable by their goat heads and curled horns, they are afforded a high status in society thanks to their ability to fight.
  • Bovigors
    Bovigors are bull or ox headed. They are larger then Caprigors but often stupider and more aggressive. It is rare for a bovigor to be anything but direct.
  • Ungors
    There are many varieties of ungors, but they are identified by their smaller horns (or lack of any horns at all). They occupy the lower ranks of Beastmen society, often mistreated and beaten due to their humanlike appearance.
  • Brays
    Even lower then the Ungors, the Brays stay on the outskirts of encampments making a cacophony of noises. While not intentional, this often makes them the advance alert for beastmen camps.
  • Turnskins
    Turnskins were not born beastmen, but were instead humans who developed mutations later in life. Fleeing the Empire and certain death at the hands of a witch hunter, they are sometimes accepted as chattel among beastmen tribes. It’s a hard life, but the few that survive are kept as slaves for the tribe.
  • Gaves
    Like the Turnskins, Gaves are born to human parents. However they manifest mutations from birth. Left to die in the woods by their parents, beastmen tribes sometimes come across them and induct them into the fold. The child is raised as one of the beastmen’s own, considered a gift from the gods, and will enjoy a higher then average status due to the ‘purity’ of its birth.
  • Bray Shamen
    Seen as messengers of the gods a Bray Shamen will often be an advisor to the tribe’s leadership. The leadership will rarely listen however. Despite this when a large scale beastmen army attacks a settlement there is more often then not a Bray Shaman behind it.
  • Minotaurs
    Hulking monstrosities Minotaurs stand over ten feet tall. While a rarity, minotaurs are viscous walls of anger and muscle that have been the end of many a promising soldier.

Relationship to mankind

Beastmen see humanity as the anti-thesis to their own ways. As a matter of principle they will attack people on sight. Camps, cities, and villages are the primary focus of their ire, but they will happily raze any sign of civilisation they find.


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