Archmage build and other tips

Anybody know which stats I should focus on as Archmage? Also other tips too? :3 thank you

@Milk Hello, do you already know what type it will do? Damage or Support?

If Using Damage I recommend using the attributes:
Focus (Main), weapon skill and Energy (secondary), health and accuracy (According to Need).

In the case of Support The Attributes are:
Focus and life (Main), Energy and precision (According to Need).

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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I see, thank you very much!

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I put 3 points in Focus, 2 in Accuracy and 1 in Wound per level. The Energy skill doesn’t seem that useful since you can just get more by eating I put a few points in it just to let me cast more spells, but really I’m not sure its increasing your mana regen speed rather the total amount you have

Recovering time for Energy is shorter if you put more points there I think. Also the amount energy is important if your lv is higher. For your skills you need a lot of energy, so I still use food to recover if I can.