App/Play Store Comments and Map Design

A lot of people in the comments complain how the maps in this game feel like tight corridors. I would agree. The game maps don’t open up and start feeling like Warhammer until the Wastelands. Further more, jump is useless and there are invisible walls everywhere that force players on to paths and prevent cutting corners and exploration.

It is a shame, because the game really starts to feel like the Warhammer world into the late 20s, a level I am certain 99% of the players never achieve due to the grinding.

There isn’t much that can be done in game design to change this, but has it been considered to shorten the levels to get new players into the wastelands sooner, and take more of an open world approach for future maps? IMO, this game is DOA unless some big changes are on the way.

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Greetings Sigmar!

Thank you for your feedback. I will be sure to let the team know about your thoughts.