Any news on anything regarding the development?

Big Warhammer fantasy fan since a kid which sadly I am not any longer. Got back into it with the Total war games because… they are great.

Obviously this is not going to be like those, completely different type of game but the idea of playing a (hopefully) narrative driven role playing game in my favourite non real life universe interests me.


Considering the only real gameplay footage I’ve found on the Internet is a Slayer roaming through the free city of Marienberg not really doing much.

I understand that people have been beta testing the game and I guess that most things about the game they can’t talk about… but for example…

Can anyone say anything about:

The combat/gameplay?

What areas are in the game, at present?

Is there/what is the narrative?

The antagonists? Chaos I’d imagine but Orks? Dark elves?


Any idea when closed beta will become Google play beta?


Hey dude, good to see a new poster. I’m currently part of the closed beta, we have signed an NDA which basically says we can’t share or even talk about anything related to the beta content.

But I can say that the game will be great and will be worth the wait for everyone.

There have been Q&As with the developers which you can find on online which they have shared information in. The devs communicate most via discord, there are also some additional ingame screenshots posted in there.

The game is set in the Old World, typical classes are available: Shadow Warrior, Archmage, Dwarf, Witchunter, Warrior Priest. There is most definitely a narrative. There are 5 quite large areas that they have confirmed will be available. Can’t share any info regarding antagonists but screenshots provided online give some pretty big clues.

Devs haven’t yet confirmed when closed beta will end and open beta will commence but I think we are getting quite close to that point. My estimate (absolute guess) would be within 2-3 months.


Hey Achilles. Has there been any hints if future expansions could include playable greenskins/dark elves/etc?

It better live up to my expectations man, do you think it’s worth the wait, being a beta player and all?

@Achilles obviously cannot say what details are in game. That is what a Beta and a NDA is. It’s good to see that he is enjoying it.

I am not quite sure why any of the devs can’t respond to the simple questions regarding content however. Does it contain Orks? Not a particularly difficult question to answer.

Like they should at least answer yes/No questions I get ye there but think about the mysterious aspect of playing in a world you barely know, not knowing what awaits.

I appreciate that they are trying to keep us wanting the game but I think they could answer basic questions about races and combat.

Some of the stuff is in the devs q&a on mmorpg,com though so we got that to go off for now

There has no been official word. But they have mentioned previously their intentions to continue to grow the world via game patches.