About the classes of choice compared to Celtic heroes

Just a thought i have been pondering on…
In Celtic heroes there are five hero classes an individual can choose from. Two of which are magic and ranged. One nature focused and the other mage focused. For Warhammer: Odyssey, is there, or will there be more than just the Arch-mage character which seems to me to be the only character ranged and magic focused?

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Warhammer has a lot of ranged magic classes to draw from lore-wise, like warlocks or bright wizards or sorceresses, but since there are already three ranged classes in this game, making up half of the total classes, so i doubt it’s priority to add more right now (shadow warriors and engineers are also ranged).

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@Legend69 Omg they have Bright Wizards xD


LOL BrightWizard is a class that’s part of the general Warhammer lore

When that’s my mage name in CH lmao

But yeah, classes already seem set, likely gotta wait until after release and even later on to see new classes outside the current list


Okay good. Just to help clear confusion with everyone else who hasn’t caught on yet as well.

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Please developers forget about Celtic Heroes and build this game from the ground up with no influence what so ever with Celtic heroes let this be a game that will not be compared to Celtic heroes

You have my interest with this new game


It’s natural that even if they built it from the ground up they will have people comparing the old game to their new one.

I hope not I hate and loathe Celtic heroes it’s so vanilla

I want a new game that has nothing to do with anything whatsoever with Celtic heroes if they do I won’t play it

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I mean its not in the same universe so technically the games have nothing to do with one another other than they likely both use the same engine.

Now I am wondering how many classes there will be…anyone knows?

There are six classes at launch:

  • High Elf Archmage
  • High Elf Shadow Warrior
  • Human Witch Hunter
  • Human Warrior Priest
  • Dwarf Slayer
  • Dwarf Engineer

@Varking thanks…found it in lore topic as well.

Well, not all CH is bad. I definitely like the open trade ability and auction house open pricing. Strongly dislike Desert Mobile’s no trade and limited market.