2 big connecting problems!

So i started playing yesterday, and after the tutorial, the game disconnects randomly in about 0-5min, then I gotta wait some mins to log back too because it says I’m already logged in. The other problem is that I went to Wastelands with 1 of my characters, and I can’t log into him since then. My phone is xiaomi mi 9 se, and had no similar problems with other games, my connection is also quite stable.


I have the same problem, i had to create another character no problem from the start but upon entering wasteland. I got connection error. Now im stuck with thay. I always get the error upon going to battle. Pleease help

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I have same problem. When entered Wasteland for first time, got kicked and can’t log in game on that char. I have entered there few days ago without any problem on the other char so far.

I made another character, and strangely I didnt dced a lot, but still got the can’t connect message when I entered wasteland.

Edit: my friend also played this game and he passed Wasteland, so he logged in my google account with his phone, but even he can’t log in with any of my 2 characters, so the problem isn’t my phone

Got the same issue with the disconnects. Tried two different app players and both have the same issue. Seems the game is just bad optimized at the moment.