1st post and a real simple one

Welcome engineers,

Hope you enjoy the game and look forward to meeting all of you.


Hi there fellow Engineer!


This will be my third class after Slayer and AM just because it is a Dwarf.

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It’d be nice to see some more Engineers here.

hope someone create a castle toon like in CH called Tiny Desk Engineer

Hey everyone! How do you think engineer will fill the support roll? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, I am looking forward to play as the engineer. Seems to be one of the least played classes so far.


Me too, I bet they will be very useful!

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Judging by the Discord survey, engineer is definitely the least popular class so far. If I weren’t a rabid bow junkie and therefore naturally drawn to Shadow Warrior, this would have been my first choice. Do we know yet what level of actual gear crafting will be possible on WH:O? If it were possible to develop engineers as specialized craftsmen according to a skills progression tree, I may still dump SW in favour of this class.

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I hope the engineer class would really satisfy the “crafting” needs of those who choose this profession. Too many mmorpgs nowadays with everything automatic it ruins the game. Welp I’m still looking forward to be one of the top supports in the game like everyone else

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