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A quick overview of Warhammer Lore, playable races, classes, and Marienburg

There are a lot of people here new to Warhammer in general, and a series with 40 years worth of lore can be hard to dive into. So, here’s a quick writeup of some of the basics you’ll be encountering on Odyssey. The Warh…

12 March 16, 2020
Skaven. The vile Ratmen that lurk under the World

Under the cities of Man a hidden menace lurks. Gnawing at the roots of the world, chittering and scheming. They are the Skaven, walking rats the size of men who wage a secret war against the surface world. They are gover…

5 March 4, 2020
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Archmages: Power beyond the veil of Reality 3 March 31, 2020
Shadow Warriors: Those that stride where Nightmares fear to tread 5 March 24, 2020
Witch Hunters: The Church's Right Hand, and Sigmar's Iron Fist 4 March 22, 2020
Beastmen. Malformed monstrosities that stalk the woods 2 March 5, 2020
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